With the 2023 Hoosier Hockey Invitational officially wrapped, take time to look back and relive your tournament moments. These moments were captured by local photographer Chris Thorsen, who generously donated his time and talent to capture stunning images of the action on the ice.

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Thorsen’s dedication to giving back to the IYHA through his photography is truly commendable. His passion for the game and the IYHA shines through in his work, and his photos are a perfect way to preserve the memories of the Hoosier Hockey Invitational while supporting a worthy cause.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of the action from the Hoosier Hockey Invitational and support the IYHA at the same time. Visit Thorsen’s SmugMug site today to browse through the breathtaking collection of professional photos and make your purchase. Relive the moments, and make a difference!